Leading global supplier for commercial vehicle manufacturers

Leading global supplier for commercial vehicle manufacturers

Case Study

Company is a leading global supplier of drivetrain, mobility, braking, and aftermarket solutions for commercial vehicle and industrial markets. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, They operates in a highly competitive industry where finding and retaining specialized talent is crucial for sustained growth and success.

Client’s need

Company faced a unique challenge in its quest for diversity and industry expertise within its workforce. The company aimed to enhance its staff composition by welcoming more minority employees while simultaneously seeking to fill critical positions with specialized skills that were scarce within the industry. The task of identifying, attracting, and nurturing both minority candidates and hard-to-find industry talent required a strategic approach.

Our Solution

Our team collaborated closely with company to design a tailored staffing strategy that addressed their dual needs: diversifying their workforce and filling skill-specific positions. The following steps were taken:

Needs Assessment: We conducted a comprehensive analysis of client's workforce requirements, pinpointing specific roles that demanded specialized skills and identifying areas where diversity could be promoted
Minority Workforce Integration: To attract and integrate minority candidates, we worked closely with client's HR team to create inclusive job descriptions, communicated through diverse channels, and established relationships with minority-focused organizations and networks.
Industry Talent Search: Our team conducted an extensive search for candidates possessing the specialized skills and experience required for critical positions within company. This involved tapping into our extensive industry network and utilizing targeted recruitment strategies.
Skill Assessment: All potential candidates underwent rigorous skill assessments to ensure their qualifications matched the demands of the roles. This step was crucial in maintaining customer's commitment to excellence.
Permanent Placements: Our collaboration resulted in the successful placement of several candidates in permanent positions, fulfilling client's immediate need for specialized talent. The candidates not only possessed the necessary skills but also aligned with company culture and values.
Staff Augmentation: Based on the success of our initial collaboration, client requested our assistance in staff augmentation. We maintained an ongoing partnership, providing temporary talent to meet fluctuating demand while ensuring a seamless integration of temporary staff into client's projects.

The partnership between client and BuraqHR exemplifies the power of strategic staffing and augmentation. By addressing both the need for diversity and specialized talent, we enabled client to strengthen its workforce, foster innovation, and position itself for continued success in a competitive industry. The collaborative effort showcased the value of a holistic staffing approach that aligns with a company’s long-term goals.