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What We Do

  • We are a Staffing Managed Service Provider (MSP)

  • We streamline your contingent workforce by managing your contingent talent, vendors, employee time tracking, employee onboarding, and invoicing all under one umbrella

  • Everything will be managed by us from sourcing talent, the requisition, hiring contingent talent, vendor management, compliance, universal billing, and payroll management

Why Us?

  • Specialize in small to mid-size programs. Our sweet spot is $5 Million to $25 million annualized contingent labor spend value.

  • Longevity. Our leadership has over 25 years of recruitment experience.

  • NSMDC certified Minority and Women-owned.

  • Partner with small and local vendors that understand the local labor market best along with undergoing a rigorous vetting process.

  • The capability of supporting customers globally.

  • A recruitment technology ecosystem for sourcing and managing your total talent strategy.

Leadership Team​

Our Founder:
Omer Mutaqi – Founder and CEO
0 +
Years Experience in Global Talent Acquisition Solutions
MSP Solutions Team:
David Ballew – Sr MSP Solutions consultant
Uzair Mutaqi – Director of MSP Operations
0 +
Years of Combined Leadership Experience in Global Contingent Workforce Solutions


  • Customized Reporting: Get deep insight into your contingent workforce. The reporting will allow you to track spending, headcount, vendor performance, etc.

  • Vendor Management: No additional costs for managing staffing vendors.

  • Consolidated Billing: No more complications in paying your suppliers and contingent workers. Once the Manager approves the timesheet through our system, the invoice is automatically generated. One invoice, one payment. 

  • System Training and Support

  • Worker time tracking

Advantages of Working with Us​

Cost Savings

By partnering with Buraq HR, you no longer need to spend large amounts of capital on building contingent workforce programs.

Hire More Qualified Employees

Buraq HR has talent experts that specialize in vetting and qualifying potential candidates.


Access to our top industry technology platform.


Mitigate your risk by staying with all HR, insurance, and employee related regulations.


Streamlined Contractor Hourly Rates

All vendors work under the same rate card.

Supplier Partner Management​


“Buraq HR is a cut above other recruiting teams I have worked with and the only I use.”
Blockchain Startup Founder
“Buraq HR has been a significant value add to in our ability to scale our business to meet the growing needs of our clients. As a partner in success, they have stood behind us and provided the necessary resources that have both the knowledge and expertise to align with the needs of a project. Buraq HR enables us to follow our passion and deliver customer success. No matter how complicated the task is and how scares the resources are we have always found Buraq HRstaff ready to help and make the impact.”
CRO at Cybersecurity Firm

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